A picture of a lake

Rosa Black

WOW Poster
One of the big assessments that our class was given was to create posters to showcase the World Of Wearable Arts performance. WOW is a New Zealand made performance which is on every year and has lots of costumes entered from all around the world. I used Photoshop to crop and edit my images but most of the work was done in Indesign. There is an image of my poster on the left.
Scratch Game
Our class made a lot of scratch games but one of mine I really liked. This was the one where we had to have three letters move on to the screen doing different effects as they came on, then each letter had to grow in size individually. There is an image of my scratch game on the left, if you click it the link will take you to the page.
This year we didn't have any assessments on illustrator, our teacher just gave us little tasks to complete just so that we could learn how to use illustrator. I enjoyed using illustrator because you can do so many things to images and you can even create your own random shapes. There is an image of one of the random shapes that I made on illustrator, on the left.
In Photoshop our class we did a lot of editing images, we would put lots effects on them or change the colour of them. I liked this because we just got to relax and play around with the effects to see what we got, there was a lot of trial and error. There is a image of one of the photos that i played around with on the left.