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Rosa Black

About Me

Welcome to me website!

I'm Rosa Black and I am a 15 year old, year 10 student at Tawa college. I live in Tawa, Wellington with my Mum, Dad, younger brother and younger sister. The two subjects that I chose this year were French and DIT (Digital Information Technology). I have a very exciting and honest personality and I hope you learn a few things about me on this website.


My Interests include:

  • Hockey - I started playing hockey in Yr9 and I had lots of fun. So started summer hockey as well as winter hockey.
  • Netball - I have played netball since I was Yr5 and I have always liked playing it. I play GD (Goal Defence) and GA (Goal Attack).
  • Guitar - I only started to play the guitar this year because I have always wanted to play a musical instrument, so I chose to play the guitar.
  • Cooking - I love cooking, it is something I do when I have free time and I especially like eating the food after.
  • Playing outside - I like to play lots of different games outside with my neighbours. Some of the games we are basketball, piggy in the middle, dodgeball and lots more.
  • Going out with friends - Spending time with my friends is good fun because my friends always make me laugh.